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Your Brew Guide for Loose Leaf Teas!

Use 1 teaspoon per 8 oz of tea, and steep according to this chart. For stronger flavor, use more tea not more time. With green or oolong teas, try steeping a second or third time to experience new flavor profiles!


It all began in a café...

I grew up in a coffee shop. My parents owned Hunter's Edge Coffee until I was 4, so all of my early childhood memories involve spilling my steamed milk & stomping on coffee beans. As I got older, my parents never quite gave up on the café scene. Both my parents stayed involved part-time in the NW coffee industry as I grew up. Their day jobs however turned to growing their own respective businesses. Both brilliant entrepreneurs, their struggles and successes have always inspired me.

My steamed milk gradually transformed into a cafe-au-lait, then a latte, then a straight-up americano, just like mom's. I graduated college and began my career as a biochemist, and I spent half a decade researching neurology and endocrinology.

Finally, I seized an opportunity to step into my parent's shoes: my brilliant mom was 7 years into her coffee roasting and distribution business, and wanted to expand! I pitched the idea of partnering up to grow a tea company and thus her beverage business empire. More truthfully though, I saw a golden opportunity with tea. Here was a way for me to continue the science and research that I love so much, share it with my community, and reconnect to my family roots!

So, I am excited & proud to blend handcrafted, locally sourced teas that are full of long-studied herbs benefiting all who drink them.

This is my passion. This is Tea Hunter Company.